Recording Produced by Tom Gsteiger: Harvey Diamond & Domenic Landolf

Tom Gsteiger called me a few months ago with the idea of bringing together to the Jazz Campus Basel recording studio two amazing musicians who haven’t yet met each other. I happen to have played with both of them.

One of them is Domenic Landolf  an amazing tenor player and composer whom I have performed and recorded in several different configurations since we met about 7 years ago, (including the recording of the CD Of the Cuff, a quartet  session featuring Domenic Landolf and Bill McHenry on tenor sax, Bänz Oester on bass and myself on drums, another Gsteiger production).

The other one is Harvey Diamond whom I had the privilege of playing a lot during the time from the summer of 1989 till 1991 the spring of 91 when I lived in Boston.

Harvey is an extremely unique artist, a masterful piano player who studied with Lennie Tristano and became a true cult figure, one of the hidden jewels in the very interesting Boston scene.

I know that Harvey and Domenic will sound great together, they share a lot, their melodic sense is highly compatible and both have very developed musical personalities.

We just needed a bass player to complete the band. Arne Huber is a bit younger but already a great bass player who has the sound and musical perspective that will make this music unfold with grace and beauty.

I’m looking forward to be playing drums in this special setting that involves musicians from 3 different scenes and generations but with very close sensibilities.

Once again Tom Gsteiger created the conditions for a truly memorable musical encounter and the chance to document the magic of the moment.