Rossy & Vercher FILANTROPIA

Kevin Hays, Billy Hart, Masa Kamaguchi among others...

Filantropia is a duo album where Javier Vercher and Jorge Rossy explore a vast world of sound and expression. From sparse duets  to fully orchestrated sections, saxophones flutes, bass clarinet, piano, marimba, vibes, pump organ, miscellaneous percussion, drums…

From oniric, to abstract and songlike, the moods and colors keep surprising the listener while maintaining a language that is unique and recognizable, free of cliches, and full of rich textures.

Since most of the pieces of the CD make generous use of overdubs, the challenge of presenting the music in a life performance must be taken seriously.

Jorge and Javier have been presenting their shared  musical universe with the invaluable help of : Kevin Hayes, Billy Hart, Masa Kamaguchi, Marco Mezquida, David Xirgu, Luis Guerra, Pablo Martín, Miguel Asensio, and Albert Sanz.

With the collaboration of this superb musicians in different combinations, (usually quintet or quartet) the concerts have been an intensely inspiring event for every audience.




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